You’ve helped me in so many ways, but one of the most significant ways was identifying me as highly sensitive. I no longer view myself as a high maintenance freak. I feel it’s very OK to be as cautious and self-protective as I am and, especially, that it’s not something that I have to try and get over. I don’t have to try and cure this before moving on in life because there’s nothing to cure. I understand myself so much better now and that’s such a good, comfortable, feeling.

A simple thank you seems so inadequate. But thank you, Rue. You’ve been an excellent, gentle and wise teacher and I’m so glad I found you

In This Is Where I Stand, Rue Hass throws out a lifeline to all the sensitive people who feel they are drowning in a sea of discomfort and misunderstanding. With a firm background in energy psychology, Hass takes readers by the hand and leads them through emotional release and rejuvenation. Open this book and be embraced by a competent, heartfelt intention to help and heal. Rue Hass is a genuine healer with a genuine heart. — Kyra Mesich, Psy.D. Author of The Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide