One thing I wanted to share is that the memory I worked on with you today was not the one I sent you before the teleclass.  It was something that happened recently —  I felt I had made a wrong decision in responding to a problem with my cat’s health.   Fortunately, it was “fixable”.  But I felt guilty about not knowing she was sick—because I’m always supposed to know what to do, right? This took me back to a specific memory from childhood when I was expected to know something that I couldn’t possibly have known without being taught.  Good heavens, no wonder I’m such a know-it-all! This insight has freed me to be able to ask for advice from my vet as well as from other people who have cats and know a lot about them.   I also don’t have to figure things out about anything all by myself any more even though the final decision is mine.  What a relief!  May the peace you brought to me return to you a thousand times over,