Monthly Teleclass


How to develop a steadying sense of calm presence that will help you to stand as a resource for creativity, possibility, and fiery hope.

swirlThis webinar will include:

*new spiritual awareness insights
*a meditation / contemplation
*deep-reaching transformational energy session

Next class:

Thursday, June 1,  2017

11:00 AM Pacific, 2:00 PM Eastern U.S.
7:00 PM London, 8 PM CEST, 4:00 AM Friday Sydney

As you are surely feeling, there are deep changes afoot in the energetic structure of our world. They directly affect and are mirrored in our personal lives. We are experiencing a wide spectrum of dramatic shifts, from global and regional weather to emotions and how we interact with each other personally and socially.

Much of this change is difficult. Many peoples’ first reactions are fear and denial and even a growing sense of pessimism about our human future.

I believe that we—especially people who are attuned to their own sensitive intelligence—are being asked now to open and maintain channels of fiery hope and a sense of creative possibilities for transformation.

Standing in Hope and Wholeness will meet monthly, to open to the hope and healing at the very center of our own lives.

We can become a generative force for creative possibilities that will shape our time and shape the future.

In each class

~I will offer a tapping process or other TRANSFORMATIONAL ENERGY WORK. You can bring your own story to it for transformation. You don’t need to know how to do any energy work to succeed here.  I will give you questions or a comment to respond to in the class.

~I will share new INSIGHTS into the current theme: What are the underlying spiritual flows that are generating the challenges and changes that you are experiencing? What is the broader context for what is happening in your life?Personally I find it so reassuring to have this deeper understanding.

~We will explore the beautiful, moving and evocative SIDHE CARDS, inviting insight and perspective on what is happening around us personally and globally.  You don’t need your own cards for this process.  I will share the images through screensharing on your computer during the class.

~After the class, I will send a link to the RECORDING of the class.

Our current topic:


Do this now:

WRITE a page for yourself about what you are feeling worried, anxious, angry or upset about, that seems to happen a lot—so often that you might find yourself saying sadly or angrily, “It Isi just not safe for me to be _______”

Whatever you write about, choose a specific example to work with in the class..
Write a paragraph or more about what you are experiencing.

If it helps you to focus, complete these unfinished sentences.

What bothers me the most about this is ___________
How I feel reminds me of how I used to feel when___________
Back then, I wish I knew, or had, _____________
How all that feels in my body: _______________
How this affects my actions________________
What makes me feel happy and peaceful now is_________
The things in my life that make me feel grounded and whole are___________
What helps me to feel powerful and steady as a person are_________


Cost:  $17 per class.  If you have difficulty meeting this fee, let me know and we will work something out.

You will be sent a link to the ZOOM room that we will meet in online.  This is a “video chat” class.  You have the option to turn off your video if you prefer, however. The class will be recorded, and the AUDIO RECORDING will be sent to you automatically.


Feed your soul, change your story, and steady the world

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Read what a recent participant had to say:

Thank you Rue for this class in this timing (a friend and I spoke together for 2 hours on Sunday on this topic, which at the time I thought was her “issue” alone. Was I surprised!)

What I truly got from this class time together was confirmation of an insight the morning of the class as I asked for help from spirit. And, that was I have always believed another had the answers. I realized I was looking for a rescuer. Someone else was always the person from whom I sought validation.

And, then, when you showed the cards…. there it was…. a recognition in my heart. I merely needed to dip my mouth into the wisdom and drink from that pool.
I’m still sitting with that delighted joy that is this recognition.
Thank you!
(quoted with permission)