We are in the season of wanting… and giving… and receiving…of thanks, appreciation, gifts of the material world, gifts of the spirit, food, love… (and maybe in there, somewhere, falls an uncomfortable dose of conflict).

We are not easy with wanting and receiving.
Also, the turning into the new year is coming up.
We are in a time of change.

We are not easy with change!

What is the story you have been telling yourself about what bad thing will happen if you change? How might you choose to respond to wanting and receiving differently?

Were you told at some time in your life, “Who are YOU to want that?”  Or, “Life is hard.  You won’t get what you want.  You have to make do with what you have.”

I believe that wanting and change is the engine that runs the universe.  Nothing happens that wasn’t wanted/dreamed of/yearned for beforehand.  We are born to be wanters!  Our wanting is what moves our lives forward.  Our moving forward is what moves life itself forward.

So, change is good.  Inevitable even.  But what stops us from changing?  How can we frame change differently?


Take a moment, relax, breathe deeply and imagine you are a mountain climber. Imagine yourself dressed in your mountain climbing gear.

You are climbing one of the largest mountains in the world and are very close to reaching the peak. This is a goal you’ve had all your life. You’ve prepared yourself physically and mentally to reach this goal by constant training for years. You feel strong and great. You are about to begin the final stretch to the peak, when you decide to rest on a small ledge which juts out about three feet from the mountain. There is a sheer vertical drop beneath the ledge. You fasten yourself securely to the ledge.

You see another climber approaching you from below. Eventually he reaches the ledge. He lifts himself up and sits down next to you on the ledge. “Wow,” he says, looking over the edge, “It’s a long way down.” He’s wearing a rope tied around his waist and holds the loose end in his hands. He holds out the end of the rope and says, “Take this. Hold it tight and whatever you do, don’t let go.”

You take the rope and, to your surprise the man stands up and jumps over the side of the ledge yelling, “Don’t let go! I’ll fall thousands of feet if you do.” You hold on with all your strength. The man is suspended over the ledge, and sure to die if he fell.

You try to pull him up but he is too heavy. You offer suggestions about how he could climb back up the rope hand over hand. The man shouts back, “Hold on. Don’t let go. If you let go, I’ll die.” You tug and pull but nothing works. The afternoon is beginning to fade. It’s getting colder and the wind is blowing harder. You have to do something, otherwise you’ll not reach the peak which you can see through the mist and clouds.

You think of a way the man can wrap the rope around himself and eventually pull himself up and shout the instructions. The man replies, “No, please, please don’t let go. I’ll fall to my death if you do.”

You coax, wheedle, scream, and yell at the climber all to no avail. You realize you are running out of time, and if you don’t do something, you will not reach the mountain peak. Finally, in desperation you shout the instructions one more time and say, “If you don’t do this, I’m going to let go of the rope.”

The man responded, “No, No, please hold on. If you let go, I’ll die. Just hang on tight.”

You let go of the rope and climb to the peak of the mountain.

Now, take a moment, and think about that scenario.

  • What is it in your life that you are holding on to that is represented by the climber?
  • What are you holding on to so tightly that it is keeping you from getting on with your life?
  • Think about what was at the end of the rope, and think about what it would mean to let go of it.
  • Has it been worth staying stuck in order to keep that “thing at the end of the rope” alive?
  • What really would happen if you let go of the rope?

Remember that you are not actually letting that other climber drop to his death.  You might change the story to tying the rope around a boulder on the ledge, and turning the responsibility for this person saving himself over to him.

Your action honors him (her, them, it) and their ability to draw on their own resources. They CAN climb back up if they want to.



Instead of asking yourself, “Who am I to want or receive this?” ask Who am I?”  It is time to feel deeply into what we really want, at the deepest level.

As the I Ching says, “We live in interesting times.”  I believe that at this time in history we are being asked to make a BIG change: let go of the “Victim Savior” paradigm in us.  We all have it to some degree, especially sensitive people.

Consider: what is your deepest intention to be here?  What do you want for your life?
I believe that this time is about opening to our personal individual presence, our sacred sovereignty, our creative power.

You have probably heard about the ancient Mayan prediction that the world will come to an end on December 21.  I think that this really means that we are changing in a deep way, and that goodness will emerge from this change over time.  An old chapter of our lives is ending.  It can be scary and confusing.

Now is a time to breathe out old conflicts and irritations, and breathe in deep gratitude that we live in an interesting time where so many of us are choosing to participate in the evolving human consciousness that deals with the opening of hearts.

We are learning to exercise our human capacity to:

  • set boundaries
  • create open holding spaces
  • support right action
  • persist as necessary
  • discriminate with love

Now is the time to hold a clear open space for your self, so that you can be aware of the story that you are telling to yourself about what will happen if you change, and the story you really want to tell yourself.

Now is a time to tap, and center into ourselves.  Let your attention be open to signs and symbols and dreams and synchronicities.  Let changes emerge as your intuition settles.  Feel into your heart and mind, seeking agreement.


What is the story you have been telling yourself about stepping across this threshold of change?
What is the story you have been feeding?
What bad thing will happen if you take a step over the threshold??


How true is this story, 0-10?  (10 being really true)

Remember that beliefs are just often repeated thoughts, and your story is exactly that. Thoughts are not facts. Once you start telling yourself a story, and you tell it to yourself and other people a lot, it appears to be absolutely true to your inner mind, and it will create what you tell it to.

If you are new to EFT tapping, find much good information and an excellent, free, downloadable manual on how to tap here:  http://www.eftfree.net/get-the-eftfree-manual-2/
( in English)


Even though I’ve been telling myself a story about what might happen if I followed my real intuition… I believe in myself…

Even though I’ve been telling myself stories about not being able to change my story… I deeply and completely forgive myself… the truth is, I really don’t know that what I’ve assumed is true…

Tap through the points

What I’ve assumed about wanting.
What I have assumed about receiving.
What I have assumed about change.
What I’ve been assuming about what might happen if set some stronger boundaries for myself.
It’s a story I’ve been telling myself.
But I don’t know that it’s true.
I have been thinking the way I was taught to think.
Back then I was thinking with a limited experience of life.
I’ve been living as if that story was a life sentence…
But that may not be true.
I’m ready to consider releasing my assumptions…
The events that created those stories are no longer happening.
I am free to choose a different story that feels better…
I am free to choose different behaviors that get better results.

Even though my stories about what might happen have made me feel sad and mad and scared… I believe in myself… and I’m willing to consider releasing these stories…. And just stay with learning about what I know deep inside to be true.

Standing before this threshold, I believe in paying attention to possibilities.
I believe in this threshold as a promise of growth.
I believe in this threshold as a promise of abundance in my life, even if it is unseen now.
I believe that if I pay attention to opportunities that present themselves, and do the work, that my     work will bear fruit.
I believe that the earth gives me a place to grow.
I believe I am here for a reason.
I believe that I am here to begin something new.
I understand that this conflict is really an opportunity.
I am part of a community of people who are learning to open our hearts, personally and globally.
I belong here, now.
I am ready to step onto the threshold, and take the next step, in my own timing.

Check inside, tell yourself the old story

How is the story different now?
How true does that story feel now?  0-10



With my love and blessing to you, and wishes for delicious wanting and receiving for you~



Tree Spiral Image: Helen Klebesadel Art
Cage Image:   favim.com
Blue Spiral:  Leaving It All Behind Fine Art Print – Amanda Moore