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This book package includes: This is Where I Stand, The 8 Master Keys to Healing What Hurts, The Discovery Book, and Opening the Cage of Pain.

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I recommend that you buy all four books together. This is Where I Stand sets the stage for understanding the highly sensitive temperament (yours or anyone’s!), and how to resolve the issues that arise from being sensitive with EFT.

The 8 Master Keys builds on the awareness, and offers a map to follow for using EFT to heal what hurts.

And The Discovery Book charts your personal journey as you tap through this map toward healing.

If you are a practitioner, these books will give you a good grounding in the artful, elegant use of EFT as a healing tool for all your clients.

Take advantage of this special offer and let Rue Hass help you start on the path toward healing!

Purchase all four books in eBook format for $48.00


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