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Many people feel deeply challenged by being human.  We may look around at all the pain humans cause to each other and the earth, and say, “I hate humanity!  It’s awful to be human!” It is sometimes hard to say “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” and feel like you mean it.

What if we could understand that we can look deeper?  That as humans we are learning?  Can we be more compassionate with ourselves, universally and individually?  Can we learn to believe in ourselves?

When we reconnect with the essential spiritual qualities of Humanity, our imaginations awaken, and our natural ability to be creative, flexible, free comes alive.  We can be comfortable in being individual, instead of feeling alone. We know how to recreate wholeness in everything we do, instead of getting lost in an abstract idea of oneness.  We can believe in ourselves.

Learning how to believe in ourselves—that changes everything!

EFT Tapping will help your Bright Spirit to reveal the way to step across your threshold, energetically, emotionally, physically, spiritually.


When we are stuck, we need the powerful wise knowing in ourselves that goes deeper than the problem. We need to know that there is some action that we personally can take, that will change the landscape we are trying to make our way through. We need to feel guided from within, instead of looking for an authority or some spiritual source to tell us what to do.  (And I guarantee that I am right there along with you in wishing this is the way life would work!)

Our own Bright Spirit knows the way out of the problem. It can talk to us through our imaginations, our intuitions and metaphors. We just need to know how to hear and speak its language. We don’t need “guidance from on high”—we just need to listen deep inside to what our own Bright Spirit is telling us.

Metaphors of Emergence sessions are creative, fun, fascinating, surprising and brilliantly insightful. The brilliant insights are usually the ones that pop into your awareness. This work opens the way for your inner strength and resourcefulness to flow right through the problem, showing you the way out.


The card deck of the Sidhe was created through an intriguing collaboration between the Sidhe themselves and my colleague and spiritual mentor David Spangler. David, along with his inner colleagues, has been exploring, introducing, and teaching a new concept of spirituality that he calls Incarnational Spirituality. His first vision of the deeper possibilities of being human came into his awareness some 50 years ago at age 17.

The Sidhe (a Celtic word meaning “People of Peace,” and pronounced “she”) are a race of humans who did not come all the way into complete physicality like what we know as humanity did. They stayed in the realm of spirit to explore fluid creative manifestation, while we descended further into the earth to learn how to work with matter.

This resulted in creativity and self expression in their realm that is instant and beautiful, but “ungrounded.”  For our part in the material realm, we often find that creative energy can be a struggle to access and express, because matter is so slow to respond.

One of the gifts of the Sidhe is an innate understanding of wholeness, and an ability to create connections that promote wholeness.  They can help us to awaken this innate human awareness in ourselves.

The cards themselves are powerful, evocative images of standing stones and the dance of the natural world.  You will hold each card in your layout in the center of a questioning space in yourself.   Together we will look at the story that it tells in relationship with the other cards in the layout.

As you consider this story, you are asking, “How does this apply to me, to my life, my decisions, my behavior and actions?  What is the larger and deeper context of spiritual growth in my life that my issue fits into?”

We are not just looking for beautiful spiritual theory and ideas, though you will feel your awareness deepening into them. In this reading you will experience yourself embodying the inspiring ideas that will make a difference in your life and make a difference in the world.

I can help bring new insights and understanding through both of us.  We will create a field between us that generates a complex weaving of images and felt sense, portals to further exploration.  You will experience a powerful, insightful, and creative stirring of meaning inside you. You will find a new appreciation for the deepest level of spiritual identity in you.

Incarnational Spirituality explores the magic of being human that arises and blooms into your life from the deep well of truth that already rests in you.  This new approach offers a deep insight into your inner resources and intention to bring your true self expression to life in the world.

The Sidhe say:

We can blend our presence with yours to enhance your own thinking and awareness, giving you greater access to the wisdom you already possess.

A sense of connection and wholeness is natural and instinctive to us. This is what we wish to awaken in you.

We want you to remember who and what you are, the family to which you belong. We want to enhance as well your love for the world you inhabit and your will to care for her.


You can come to this transformative work in person, on the phone, by video/audio with Skype or Zoom.

You bring  a question, a decision or a conflict that is arising in your life, about a threshold of change that you feel yourself approaching, or that you want to approach.

My gift is to help you to get a sense of your path as part of the Soul of the Earth, your melody in the Heart Song of the Earth, and to help you to express what is deepest and truest in you.

To begin, we might do these three sessions together :

  • A Sidhe card reading to give you a deep and broad overview of the spiritual movement in you that is generating change in your life.

Afterwards I will send you the images of the Sidhe cards in your layout and our recorded discussion of their significance.

  • A session to work with Metaphors of Emergence, so that you sense your next steps thought the eyes of your Bright Spirit.

After the session I will send you a copy of the recording and our live drawing process of the metaphor that you worked with.  Watch it unfold all over again, while you listen to understand how this miracle happened!

  • An EFT tapping session to dissolve your unconscious blocks and open the way for you to step across the threshold into expressing what is truly inside you, with courage and grace.

I will send you the recording so that you can tap with it over and over again, integrating and synthesizing what you are learning.

After these sessions you will have a new place to stand within yourself, and a new sense of direction. Now you can decide whether you want to continue our partnership on your journey to manifest and integrate these changes into your life.

If Intuitive Mentoring appeals to you, and it sounds like just what you have been needing and wanting…

CONTACT ME to set up a no-charge 20 minute telephone consult to see if we are a good match.

Let’s talk about designing something especially for you.

I am open and flexible. I just want this to work for YOU.