Appointments and Payments

About 3/4 of my practice is by telephone or Skype with people all over the world.  I see local clients in my office in Boulder, Colorado. Whether in person, on the phone or by Skype or Zoom, this is deep, powerful, practical spiritual work, especially designed for you.

My private individual and small group sessions are 1.5 hours and the fee is flexible, with a sliding scale based on your needs and mine.

These are my fees:

If you find yourself captivated by this work, let’s talk.

Discounted packages (may be paid by the session)

This is a guideline.   I am happy to work with you to find a fee that feels right for both of us.

Questions to consider:

  • How will you know when you are getting what you want?
  • What would this mentoring from me be worth to you?

I am open to talking about what works for you, and how much you value the work that we can do together.

I am not a psychotherapist, and so I can’t bill this work through insurance.  All my work is on a fee for service basis. You can pay me by check, or online with PayPal, either as a withdrawal from your bank account or by credit card.  (PayPal does its own currency conversion in the payment process.)

Together we will determine appointment times and frequency.  I find that two weeks between sessions is often about right.   If we are on the phone or Skype/Zoom, these sessions can be recorded; I will send you the audio recording after each session.

If you like, we might also explore working in a small group teleclass and webinar set-up with participants whom you have chosen.


All of the transformational tools I use are creative, powerful, non-invasive, gentle, easy to learn. In skilled hands they can be extremely effective for all kinds of issues.  I love the opportunity to work collaboratively and deeply with another person, out on the edge of discovery, sharing our intuitive process in a coaching partnership.

Still, you are the boss.  We co-create as partners, but you know yourself, what is working for you, and what you want.  My job is to bring my best self and best practices to meet you where you are.

Let me know if you if you want to arrange a no-charge 20 minute consult, if you are ready to begin now, or if you have questions or comments.  CONTACT ME