Is Intuitive Mentoring Right For You?

Intuitive Mentoring Spiritual Coaching will be powerful and inspiring for you, if:

  • You want to express more of who you really are in an authentic way.
  • You love using creativity and imagination to unveil new possibilities.
  • You are open to new experiences and surprising concepts that may shape your life in unexpected, delightful ways.
  • You are ready to partner with someone who is honest and straightforward (sometimes blunt, but always with love), and who can keep you focused.
  • You are ready to discover and tell a more powerfully radiant, shining story about yourself.


Some people who may be better served by a different practitioner or program:

Someone who is not deeply motivated to change how they feel and how they show up in the world.
Change rearranges the whole ecology of your life, and you need to be open to this!

A person who just need to tell the tragic story of their past.
I believe that there is value in being heard, I honor that you have a difficult story, and I am good at listening and receiving. But just listening is not the purpose of my work. My intention is that you learn ways to leave the past behind, and change.

People who tend to give their power away to expensive, flashy success packages.
These platforms can have their use. I participated in one, and learned a lot. But, I ended up spending a large sum of inherited money that is gone now. Also, the program I developed from it was a good one, but the process was intense and exhausting for me, and I sensed that as a sensitive person I might lose my center if I continued to pursue this kind of work. I learned that I preferred deeper, more intimate partnerships, change explorations that open the way for small radiant miracles to happen in each session.

Anyone who is too angry, bitter or sad to be willing to generate movement and uphold life changes.
For Intuitive Mentoring to work for you, you must be able to find the rising sun in you.

A person who is unwilling to let go of being ill and needing help as an identity.
I have a special understanding and empathy for how useful chronic illness and pain can be as a way to establish boundaries. I don’t fault anyone for this. I know how deeply rooted in a challenging and often traumatic past this strategy can be.

But—choosing to identify with illness can stand in the way of opening to health. I don’t think of you as broken and needing fixing. If you mean to shine, you must be willing to choose wholeness, over and over and over again, no matter what.

I can help, but I need for you to be in partnership me, and with your intention.

Someone with a tendency to keep themselves from growing by holding on to perfection.
Being a perfectionist can help you to produce your best effort. Or, perfectionism can be a crippling barrier to making changes that might feel scary.

Anyone who is not able to explore the possibility of putting “taking care of myself” first on their own TO DO list.
Many sensitive people are passionate about saving the world, a high ideal indeed. But, it may not have occurred to them that they are are part of the world. I believe that you can’t be enough of a self-sacrificing people pleaser to make things better for anyone, anywhere, ever.

All these descriptions are stories that people tell themselves.

There are two kinds of stories—those that generate growth and those that shut down life.

I promise my full attention, all my resources, and my deep loving courageous heart for partnering with people who are willing to put their own hearts into changing their story!

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