Garden Fountain

You will be interested to know that the new film on sensitivity is available now!  It was created by Elaine Aron, one of the first people to talk about this trait in positive helpful ways, in collaboration with directors/producers Will and Diana Harper.  I saw the movie in its pre-release form, and thought it was very good (if a little Hollywood-ish for my taste…)

Singer Alanis Morissette is featured in the film.  She has a very nice piece on her website by Elaine Aron:  Highly Sensitive People

And here is part of the email from Aron herself, announcing the availability of the film:

Dear HSPs, 

You can rent or purchase the film about us right here.   

It is up through VHX, “the Netflix for Everyman.”  Not sure how to do it?  You pay to download it onto your computer to own it, or you can rent it.  You then watch it on your computer screen, or hook your computer up to your TV.  Still unsure?  Use the FAQ on the website or ask around for help.

If you want it the old way, on a physical DVD, it will be available before the holidays, with subtitles for several languages.  That all takes a little longer.

It happened very suddenly.  Will and Diana Harper (the director and producer respectively) and I had discussed how to distribute the movie.  There were so many uncertainties, except for the certainty of time delays.  We felt impatient and protective at the same time.  We ruled out film festivals (about a year and a half to be shown).  A network like Discovery or BBC would be nice, but very complicated and at least many months before it would be shown.  There’s Netflix, but even that was also going to take at least five months.  

I was musing this morning that this is happening on October 12, Columbus Day in the U.S., “the day Christopher Columbus discovered America,” as the saying goes.  There are many reasons to hesitate about celebrating that.  But the day is symbolic of discovery, yes?  And what is the greatest discovery?  Ask Walt Whitman in “A Passage to India.”  It is self discovery.  Or Self-discovery.  Everything is ultimately in the Self, from which we act with the greatest wisdom.

So, today many more HSPs and their families will understand this part of life, the trait of sensitivity.  May it be a doorway to greater and greater discovery.


O we can wait no longer,
We too take ship O soul,
Joyous we too launch out on trackless seas…
– Walt Whitman