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Writing comes to you from my deepest heart. It feels such an honor to be allowed so deeply into someone’s life. When this person can become aware and conscious of the radiant vibrant truth of themselves, I want everyone to be able to hear their story and to read their own story in it. I love the process of finding the right words. I love finding just the right photos to speak what the words leave unsaid.

Before I sat down to write this introduction, I watched a man and a woman dance the story of the woman’s breast cancer… his support of her, her despair and her joy, their fear, their powerful hope. When they finished there were tears on the faces of all in the audience, and on the faces of the dancers. Hearing, seeing, feeling the truth can bring us to tears and laughter. All of these stories are like this, tears and laughter and wisdom and truth carried in the healing journey of each of the people I have had the privilege of working with and writing about.

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