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Writing comes to you from my deepest heart. It feels such an honor to be allowed so deeply into someone’s life. When this person can become aware and conscious of the radiant vibrant truth of themselves, I want everyone to be able to hear their story and to read their own story in it. I love the process of finding the right words. I love finding just the right photos to speak what the words leave unsaid.

Before I sat down to write this introduction, I watched a man and a woman dance the story of the woman’s breast cancer… his support of her, her despair and her joy, their fear, their powerful hope. When they finished there were tears on the faces of all in the audience, and on the faces of the dancers. Hearing, seeing, feeling the truth can bring us to tears and laughter. All of these stories are like this, tears and laughter and wisdom and truth carried in the healing journey of each of the people I have had the privilege of working with and writing about.

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Editorials by Rue:

“I Locked My Spirit
in a Closet”

Recently I had a wonderful email conversation with Patricia, who had taken one of my webinar/teleclasses. She gave me permission to share, and I have edited her emails slightly for readability.

Patricia wrote:
It is so helpful for me to combine your metaphor work with the tapping. What has emerged for me is an awareness of being very small and helpless. That allows my pain and disappointment to form almost an entity, that does the earthly work for me. It seemed so powerful.

I realized I have confused force and power. Force is big and loud, but afraid, while power is subtle and sure. I had locked my Spirit in a closet with piles of boxes in front of it. It never complained, just waited patiently with a little light shining from under the door.

When I allowed my little helpless self to grow up, then I was able to tell the entity that I wanted to let Spirit out. All this time it has told me it was weak and wimpy. I didn’t even know it was there, so I felt really alone and abandoned by the “God” out there. In allowing Spirit to come out, and me to greet her, I could see the difference in her power vs the entity’s force. I could easily see why I felt more protected by going to the force side. There is something mesmerizing about the noise. Almost like I will be bored by power. Hummm….good stuff.

BUT this morning something popped into my head that you said in one of the classes several months ago, that one of the things about wanting approval is that it is unconsciously withheld. It had a zing then, but I didn’t go deeper with it until today.

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in a Closet”

“Why Am I Still Afraid
When I Have Cleared So Much?”

When the Personal Peace Procedure isn’t enough…

I want to share with you parts of a recent email exchange that I had recently about the Personal Peace Procedure in EFT. The PPP involves making a long list of all the experiences you have had over your life that caused you emotional pain. Then you tap through each of these experiences until it no longer triggers those old negative feelings in you.

The writer’s question was about how, as a sensitive person, to use this process. She wondered why she was still feeling so much generalized pain and fear, even though she had done a massive amount of clearing the pain of past experiences with her tapping. She has given me permission to share her thoughts anonymously. I have edited what we both said a little bit for coherence and clarity.

Hi Rue,
I have some questions regarding the Personal Peace Procedure I was hoping you could help me with. I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and I have been working on this process diligently over the course of a few months. It’s been hard to find information online of peoples’ actual experience with the process, in particular HSPs to compare to.

I have cleared the majority of my fairly long list. What remains carries a very low intensity, and I am working through those events as well. I have had changes along the way. The most significant being that when I recall an event or become emotionally charged I don’t feel it in my body like I used to. I used to feel very chronic “negative” feelings deep in my gut and now they are centered around my head and seem somewhat distant, like an echo.

I have been struggling in four major areas.

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When I Have Cleared So Much?”

Life Comes Down to
Yum and Yuck

What we tell ourselves shapes our life, even if what we are telling ourselves is not really true!

Then our life flows into miracles, or disasters, or…boredom.

How are you shaping and guiding your life with your Yum and Yuck story?

Do you ever hear an inner voice that says things like, “What will everyone think if I/you do that?” This voice can stop you from being happy. This voice makes it hard to even know what we think. It keeps us from feeling what is really true for us inside.

Knowing what is really true for us is the only way to make choices that will generate happiness. In this article you will learn a simple, completely reliable way to know what is right for you, that by-passes your worrying mind.

First some background on getting seduced by a yuck story.

Here is a great example, reported by Canadian blogger Geoff Olson. It makes a great illustration of how we can take on a constricted belief and shape our lives with it, unconsciously.

Sometimes we need reminding how much our expectations drive what we experience. Sci-fi author Michael Crichton supplies an amusing example in his 1988 memoir Travels.In the early seventies, flush with success from spinning his novel The Andromeda Strain into a critically and commercially acclaimed film, he bought a home in the hills of Los Angeles.

A friend asked him if he was afraid of the snakes. “What snakes?” the author asked. The rattlesnakes, of course, which his friend told him, come out in force during the dry season.

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Yum and Yuck

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