EFT and Fibromyalgia


Tapping to Restore Harmony of Spirit


Rue Anne Hass
EFT Master, Intuitive Mentor, Spiritual Life Path Coach



Nancy Selfridge, M.D.
Author of Freedom from Fibromyalgia

A multi-media package designed to help you to learn:

How to Balance the Spiritual and Energetic

Disharmony Patterns Underlying Fibromyalgia,

ME, Chronic Fatigue and similar conditions.

Created with you in mind —

DVDs, Transcripts, a full length Book and 2 E-books,

plus an 8 Week Personal Tapping Plan.

Everything is available for you right now—

no teleclasses to fit into your schedule.

And, no travel is needed, except for the deep

healing journey of your own sensitive spirit.

Does this describe you?

  • You are allergic to so many things.
  • Everything hurts.
  • Nothing seems to work right.
  • You have had a lot of stress in your life.
  • You have come to believe that you are alone here, and you just have to tough it out.
  • No one seems to understand.
  • Do you wonder if you have symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Have people told you all your life that you are too sensitive?

Have you ever heard, “You take things in too deeply.  What is wrong with you?”

Do you feel like you are too much and not enough at the same time? Are you depressed?

Do you feel that connection is more important to you than anything, and sometimes you feel you almost sell your soul for approval?  Maybe part of you is thinking inside: “If I am perfect, maybe they will love me.”

What can modern medicine offer to fibromyalgia?

Well, not much, as it turns out!
And most of it is in the “it’s all in your head, dear” category.

If you are like so many people I have talked with, no one seems to understand what you are experiencing, even (and maybe especially) your doctor.

Do you feel like you have tried everything?

Maybe you have been told to take drugs, or exercise, or go to a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist.  You have been sent to physical therapists, sleep therapists, medical specialists.  You have gotten multiple diagnoses.   It is irritable bowel, it is gastro-esophogeal reflux disease, it is rheumatoid arthritis, it is bursitis, it is back pain.

Nothing has helped very much! You may have told the doctor that you think you have fibromyalgia, and s/he says, “I don’t believe in that.”

Yikes!  But Help is on the Way…

For several years Nancy Selfridge and I taught a class together on understanding, resolving and harmonizing the energy patterns underlying fibromyalgia symptoms. There are a few enlightened physicians.  Nancy Selfridge is one.

In this EFT for Fibromyalgia Package:
Nancy Selfridge shares her “enlightened medical perspective” on fibromyalgia and how to treat it.
I (EFT Master Rue Hass) offer the energy based, life-coaching approach of EFT.

At last there are people who understand what you have been through, and who have something truly useful to offer you!

Now YOU can benefit from what we have learned about this mysterious dis-ease, and how understanding the underlying energy disharmony can be the key to your true health.

“My shoulders are a LOT easier than they’ve been in years.  Some of the stuff around not being able to be strong & ask for support at the same time is REALLY important, I’ve never connected that so clearly before, so it’s been either ’shouldering’ on alone – that one is going to be a classic here! –  or making myself weak and disempowered.

“The other really important insight for me has to do with the mission, or maybe rather purpose, of creating connections and opportunities for mutual love through asking for support, that possibility is truly a revelation to me, I need to work a bit more on that one!” —Pia

What Can EFT Offer to Fibromyalgia?  A lot!

This package of information and suggestions for working with fibromyalgia brings together our  combined decades of research, study, clinical experience, exploration of psycho-spiritual, energetic and transformational modalities, and spiritual contemplation.  In addition, it is the product of my endless curiosity about the sacred foundations of humanity.

I have learned that fibromyalgia, as a concept, reflects what is both painfully distorted and radiantly possible in our human experience.

I have found EFT to be a wonderful coaching resource for people who are suffering with fibromyalgia. EFT’s powerful phrase, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” has everything to do with re-imagining what is possible for you.

Learn a whole new way to think about fibromyalgia,

and how to help yourself

Rue says:

I believe that chronic conditions are not “diseases,” so much as they are the evidence of a spiritual dis-order.

I believe that chronic emotional or physical discomfort is our spirit screaming. The message of the scream is basically “Let me expand!  I want to express myself fully!”   You deserve this. You were born for this.

It is very possible to heal from fibromyalgia. You don’t really need to know anything about fibro’s energy structure to be helpful to yourself or others with tapping, but the language of balancing a person’s energy structure is a useful frame to hold the story and the healing process in.

Tapping for fibromyalgia means reaching to the deepest levels of how you think about yourself and what is possible for you in the world.   We are not “treating” fibromyalgia in the western medical sense, or as a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor would. You are tapping for the pattern of energetic constriction in your bio-electric field that is showing up as your physical discomfort, your feelings, your beliefs, and your self-talk.  Each person with FM is different, unique.

Bringing harmony to this energetic pattern that we call fibromyalgia will invite you to work with the deepest level of your identity.

Wow, I have been trying to work on my CFS/fibromyalgia/me for 18 years, and listening to Rue speak was wonderful, it felt like someone actually understood me. I am an EFT practitioner and trainer and do work on myself, but it is difficult to be objective about oneself. I have been my most difficult client. Although having said that, between EFT and eating according to my blood group I can live a fairly normal life. Thanks to Rue I think I can now take a completely different approach and concentrate more on the ‘completely and deeply accept myself’ type of work, as I do struggle with any significant changes on physical symptoms. – Anonymous

Nancy Selfridge, MD. tells how she healed herself using these methods


Nancy shares with you the fascinating wisdom gathered from her personal experience with healing from fibromyalgia and her professional experience in working with patients.

She talks about what she has learned from EFT.

She describes her research about the highly sensitive temperament, fibromyalgia, pain, stress, and her own medical school training, which she identifies as the trigger for her illness.  Her delivery is personal, direct, compelling and often funny.

Nancy Selfridge says:

Normal doctors don’t know what to do with fibromyalgia patients.
Some of it is the helplessness of medical science in this area. But some of it I believe is the temperament of the patient.

My fibromyalgia patients qualify as highly sensitive people. They’ve been identified as sensitive by other people in their environments. In my practice, every single one of them who has ever taken a Meyers-Briggs temperament inventory is an intuitive-feeler, an idealist.

Chronic pain and post traumatic stress
I believe that chronic pain is very close to what post-traumatic stress disorder is, if not exactly the same thing.  I think we’re at the leading edge of the science of understanding both of these disorders.

So using therapies that work inside the brain, work with energy, subtle energies, which I think really involve the central nervous system – the final frontier—make good sense. I think when you start to see healing, that you’re really seeing those tremendous shifts. Everything that is reflected in the brain is reflected in the body and vice versa.

I think that when we use EFT we are working in very (perhaps now) mysterious ways to really change the neurophysiology of this disorder.

Are you a practitioner, doctor, therapist, teacher, parent, spouse or friend of someone with fibromyalgia?

Learn how you can help your clients, patients, students or family in a way that they have never been helped before!


This EFT for Fibromyalgia Package is bursting with thoughtful value for you

Look at what the complete package (Option 1) contains:
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TappingRestoreHarmony_thumb-229x300 49 page ebook—Tapping to Restore Harmony of Spirit:

EFT and Fibromyalgia
by Rue Anne Hass, M.A., EFT Master, with Nancy Selfridge, M.D.

Disharmony_to_SelfBlessing_thumb-221x300 48 page ebook—From Disharmony to Self Blessing: An 8-Week Tapping/Coaching Program using EFT to Balance the Spiritual and Energetic Disharmony Patterns in Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Fatigue, and similar conditions


Developed and created by Rue Hass, EFT Master

DVD_Freedom_Fibromyalgia_cropped DVD: Tapping to Freedom from Fibromyalgia
Presentation, coaching and tapping sessions by Rue Hass
Handout for Tapping to Freedom from Fibromyalgia
Presentation by Rue Hass
ocp_eng_130x201 Open the Cage of Pain: Let Your Spirit Fly Free
Full length ebook by Rue Hass
FreedomfromFM_Selfridge3 DVD:Freedom from Fibromyalgia:

A Mind/Body Perspective
Presentation by Dr. Nancy Selfridge

Full Transcript of Dr. Nancy Selfridge‘s DVD Presentation

Some of the topics that this Comprehensive Fibromyalgia Package addresses:

My intention in putting all of this material together is to shed some new light on fibromyalgia. I want you to have the tools to harmonize your personal energy field, so that you can re-imagine and re-shape your life!

  • Many different perspectives on fibromyalgia
  • The myths of fibromyalgia diagnosis
  • Is fibromyalgia all in your head?
  • What really causes fibromyalgia, and how to resolve it
  • How do your beliefs about yourself affect your health?
  • Fibromyalgia, spirituality and soul abuse
  • Fibromyalgia and the Highly Sensitive Temperament
  • Fibromyalgia and the effect of stress and trauma
  • What western medicine misses in treating chronic pain
  • What is the relationship between pain and emotions?
  • How pain works
  • The difference between pain and suffering
  • What triggers pain
  • For practitioners and coaches—how to be effective using EFT with fibromyalgia clients

You deserve to find the healing, wholing path through fibromyalgia!

Learn in this Program how to find the inner disharmony in yourself that is giving rise to your FM symptoms, and how to restore balance to your life, your feelings, your thoughts. Soothe and shift your inner critic!

Once you understand the energetic structure of the dis-harmony that you are experiencing, you can use your own intuition and the excellent tool of EFT to turn these energetic patterns toward the true harmony that is your sacred human birthright.

Skillful, thoughtful EFT invites the freeing of the human spirit.  We have in our hands a tool that can change everything.  Let this Package teach you how to begin!

The key to your healing is YOU. The materials in this program won’t heal you, just like a doctor can’t really heal you.

But this program will give you what you need to set yourself on your own path toward energetic harmony and wholeness.  Imagine how that will feel!

Now it is up to you to take the steps. This is Self Blessing!


“I have long valued the practice of focusing on life’s joy and beauty as part of my healing journey, and this time, I am saying an even louder “YES!” to life’s invitation to come out and play.
“There is no need to fear other’s pain (nor mine, for that matter) any more. I can see pain now as an invitation to shift my resonance to focus on Light, to look deeper and recognize my own blueprints, and to honor my own inner truths. Thank you for helping me honor my healing journey with such reverence and love.” —Christine

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The complete package

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  • two ebooks
  • one full length book
  • DVD of Nancy Selfridge’s presentation with full transcript
  • Rue Hass’ DVD presentation with handout

If you order Option 1, I will send you a bonus of a recent interview:

How EFT Can Support Healing the Issues that Underlie Fibromyalgia.

The interviewer was Gene Monterastelli of Tapping Q and A.

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Option 2 –

The complete package, minus Opening the Cage of Pain book .

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plus the Rue Hass DVD and accompanying handout.

Cost: $57

“I thought I would feel the same old impossibility, the same old doubt. I thought surely this can’t really happen for me. I had doubt that I would figure it out, it felt huge to me.

“But now… Oh, I get this!  The direction I want to go in was answering the question:

‘How would I live my life if I knew I was loved?  How will I know when I am loved?’

“Now it seems possible, because this process is all about self love and self acceptance!  This is the piece.  Coming home to this soft warm place inside me reminds me of those times when I am loved, and when I feel good about myself, when I am loving and accepting  myself.  Also, it is a familiar place!

“The exciting, amazing sense of this is that I DO know when I am loved.  I have this same physical, warm sensation, this feeling of acceptance, deservability, possibility.” —Sheryl