Your unique and refreshing wisdom

I just wanted to check in and let you know, among other things, that I loved your presentation last week on intuition. It was a great reminder of your unique and refreshing wisdom – which I miss- and your ability to communicate it in such easily understandable...

You’re the One!

I love your teleclass format whereby we can fill in our own situation.  It worked like a charm.  I identified the core issue that has led me to minimize my gifts, which has led me to feel uncomfortable about receiving in my life. All of this then tied into my lifelong...

The love you send out into the world

I feel the love that you send out into the world and I thank you for it.  Especially, because if I can feel your love and intentions I know other can feel mine.  So a big Thank You for that!

An amazing session

Wow Rue!  Thank you!   That was an amazing session.  I really feel different.  Like I’m lovingly caring for my life now and I can trust myself to do that.

The peace you brought to me

One thing I wanted to share is that the memory I worked on with you today was not the one I sent you before the teleclass.  It was something that happened recently —  I felt I had made a wrong decision in responding to a problem with my cat’s health.  ...