About Rue

Rue Hass, M.A., CCHt., EFT Master, Ordained Minister

Here are my basic bio details, with embellishments (true ones!). It is odd how a short bio like this makes everything in one’s life lie down in a neat line, leaving out all the crazy intensity, wild joy, blood sweat and tears, the quiet times, the unknowing and the illumination, the lost and gained love…

I am a Spiritual Life Path Coach, an Ordained Minister, and an EFT Founding Master Practitioner, holding an EFT Honors Certification, a trained clinical hypnotherapist, and an NLP Master Practitioner and health practitioner.

I have been in private practice since 1986. My background includes extensive training in psycho-spiritual philosophy and Energy Psychology therapies, many years of university teaching, and teaching in a school for gifted children. (I taught social studies, though I had no actual training in this. But I applied for the job based on my extensive and varied life experience, presented it creatively—as real social studies—and got the job!)

I live in Boulder, Colorado with my husband. We have two adult daughters who live in Denver, one a nurse-acupuncturist and the other a holistic nutritionist whose job right now is being the mother of a wonderful funny boy, a delicious mix of strength and sweetness, who was born January 1, 2013. We have two dog companions, a rescue cocker spaniel who is a prince of a dog with no sense of entitlement, and a schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix) who is a goddess pretending to be a dog this time around. They accompany me through this beautiful powerful land every day.

After I left university teaching in Chicago (and the social/political action of the 1960’s-70’s, the women’s movement, peace movement, etc.), I was part of the Findhorn Foundation spiritual community in Scotland from 1974-1981. Findhorn is an international intentional spiritual community, now also a center for spiritual and holistic education. Its most basic practical premise is “Work is love in action.”

Ever since my time at Findhorn, I have been connected to and studied a spiritual approach called Incarnational Spirituality, that was developed by my friend, colleague and mentor David Spangler out of his life long experience with and study of the sacred and non-physical realms. It is not a belief system, or a religion, or a meditation practice. It is an ongoing inquiry, with honoring, love and blessing, into what it means to be human. I was ordained as a minister/priest in 2011 by David’s organization the Lorian Association, and today I serve as Lorian faculty.

My life has been a kind of continually perplexing (to me!) exploration of how to bring deep spiritual awareness into daily practical life. I am generally not a very good rule follower (unless I really respect the source). I tend to follow my nose instead, which in more esoteric terms would be described as following my intuition. Or, actually, I have learned over time that this is what I am doing, and I have developed a rock solid trust in taking an untraveled path if it “smells good.” Sometimes—well, lots of times—that has gotten me in some trouble.

A man I worked with in the 1970’s when we both lived in the Findhorn community described me recently in this very funny, sort of eye-rolling but affectionate way:

One of the irritants, er, delights of working there was trying to understand and work with Rue, while watching her effects on many in the community as well. She was blithely going along her way as a woman interested in operating heavy machinery, asking questions, leaving one scratching their head for moments, days, weeks even sometimes… until suddenly it would all make sense as you saw her ahead of you moving on to a new possibility and you rushed to catch up because she was having so much fun.

I think she had no inkling of the complete massive wreckage of effortlessly destroyed outworn images and stereotypes she was leaving in her wake.

It was healthy, refreshing and liberating for the community as a whole and certainly for me personally.

I loved this description! :^) It sounds like me… I am sort of irreverent, and I tend not to take authority very seriously, unless I truly respect the source and it deeply touches my heart and soul. (And then I am very earnest about it. An astrologer even told me once that being “very earnest” was in my chart.) That dismissiveness about following instructions had an appalling effect on my experience of growing up, and it has had an interesting, frustrating, and illuminating, even enlightening effect on my approach to spirituality.

I come to spiritual awareness from a lifelong curiosity about what it means to receive spiritual insight. I don’t have direct connection with angels or guides in the way that some others describe it. It has taken me forever to understand that spiritual awareness comes to me not as visions, not by hearing the voice of God or the angels in my head, not by meditating, like I thought I was “supposed to”— the accepted channels for how “everyone else” did it. That way of receiving guidance “from on high” has been honored and revered and respected over human history, and I thought there must be something wrong with me that this never happened for me.

While I love learning about spiritual concepts, just having the ideas or the right words or some discipline/practice is never enough for me. I personally have a deep thirst for learning how to translate the beautiful, resonant concepts, awareness and information that I read or hear about or intuit into an actual felt sense. And then I need to translate this felt sense into practical grounded action in the real world. I am so not airy fairy about my out there woo-woo-ness!

I know that there is a deep connection with spirit here in me, and it infuses everything I do and think and am. Now I know that my relationship with spirit is through my body, and that is where I experience direct participation and partnering with subtle worlds.

It took me a long long time to integrate the inner knowing that this is enough. :^)

My coaching practice specialty, not surprisingly, is sensitivity and spirituality, studying the deeper capacity to express the power, creativity and magic of being human that shapes each of us. What I love to do best is to help highly sensitive people to be present, willing, heart-ful, earth-ful practitioners of practical incarnational magic. That is what I have learned over my own life.

I have always been a teacher of some kind. Whenever I learn something that I love, my mind automatically goes to wondering, “How can I share this?”

Recently I described a class I was offering in the following way. It occurs to me that I am laying out here just about everything I have learned in my life, and that I will share in this blog:

  • I will help you to lay out a clear path within your issue, so that your question and your intention fall into place.
  • I will teach you how to touch into your own inner guidance system. This is so much more reliable than asking some power “out there.”
  • You will learn to know when you have found the right question.
  • You will understand what sabotages your intention, and what you may need to let go of to move forward.
  • You will understand the higher/deeper potential that can unfold from this challenge.
  • I will give you direct feedback that will let you know if you are on the right track.
  • I will relentlessly, with all kindness, help you open to your own creative intelligence until it feels to both of us that you know what you want, and that you can ask for it with clear intention.
  • At this point, the universe will shape itself to your powerfully embodied intention. Of course it has been doing this all along, but now you are living from your inner GPS of intuitive and conscious choice, not from reaction. That makes all the difference.

With my love and blessing to you. Thank you for reading!