Being Sunshine

The true intent behind anything we do is to give a gift. What ultimately motivates us is love, and the desire to create something for people we care about, and the effect it will have, as it ripples out from us, to touch everything that we care about. This is how we can be life-giving energy in the world, like sunshine.

Writing and sharing these pieces is me doing my best to be sunshine.

Welcome…please read my Disclaimer before entering my website.


I work with smart, sensitive people who want to invite and inhabit a larger deeper story about bringing their true courage and grace to life in the world.

I can help, if you…

…want to learn how to find the creativity, resourcefulness, and strength hidden in your sensitive nature.
…feel as if you are standing at the threshold of opening  your spiritual awareness and deep self-expression.
…feel trapped in a question or a conflict that is dominating your life.
…want to experience being guided from within, instead of looking for an authority or some “outside” spiritual source to tell you what to do.
…are ready to shine.

I am deeply interested in spirituality, the spirit of humanity, and sensitivity.  Many sensitive people feel challenged by being human.  We may look around at all the pain humans cause each other and the earth, and say, “I hate humanity!”  “It is too hard to be here,” or  “It’s too hard to be me!” It can be a challenge to say “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” —and feel like you mean it.

I am good at helping people to re-imagine their sensitivity as the true spiritual gift that it is.  I call it “Sensitive Intelligence.”

I see Sensitive Intelligence as a new and developing human capacity for connecting with the wholeness of the earth and the cosmos through our subtle senses.  We all have the innate capacity to utilize our subtle senses; we just need to awaken to them.  Sensitive people are way ahead of the game here, but many of us are trapped in a “broken” psychological definition of ourselves.

We have the opportunity to be way-showers for humanity in demonstrating what it means to be fully human.


We go forward together following a transformative, generative, intuitive path that will open you to the best in you through your Sensitive Intelligence.

These are the modalities I love to work with:


These are the basis of our one-one-one work together, and they create a space in which you feel held, safe, understood, accepted. I am genuinely interested in who you are. Together we can explore what you really want, and how to manifest it into your life.


These beautiful, powerful, evocative cards will arrange themselves in partnership with your own imagination and inner wisdom. You will begin to sense the purpose and direction of your life.

You will gain a deeply layered insight into the evolving life and spiritual path from which your question or conflict is emerging.

Who and what are the Sidhe?  Read more here.


With these gentle, effective energy methods, the old limiting beliefs and blocks that have kept you stranded on the threshold will just seem to melt away.  They don’t work like an on-off light switch though.  Used wisely, energy work opens you to the resident light already in you.  They free you from the question, “Is it OK to have good things happen for me?”


We invite your inner awareness to reveal the hidden metaphors that will show you new ways of thinking about yourself. Discover an easy flow where there had been stagnation and stuckness.  Find yourself more able to hold a space for inner steadiness and calm to meet any stressful situation.  Be ready for wonderful surprises!


Learn a simple, profound method for accessing the wholeness of your body and soul, and reconnect with the world. Dissolve whatever is in the way of you experiencing the deeper truth of your being. Open yourself to embodied spiritual truth.  So subtle, so easy, so delicious… the best blessing of your Sensitive Intelligence.


Also in my toolbox are other delightfully creative and profound approaches to re-imagining your life. You can find a flow where there had been stuckness. You learn how to move into self-blessing, with a sense of peace, harmony and wholeness. These are powerful, warm, wise and generative techniques that arise from the heart of the Human Spirit on earth.  

Find more information about each of these tools and how I use them here!

To find your way, join me in an Intuitive Mentoring process designed especially for you.  You can come to this transformative work in person, on the phone, or by video/audio with Skype or Zoom.



Some people who may be better served by a different practitioner or program:

  • People who are not deeply motivated to change how they feel and show up in the world.  Change rearranges the whole ecology of your life, and you need to be open to this!
  • People who just need to tell the tragic story of their past. I believe that there is value in being heard, I honor that you have a difficult story, and I am good at listening and receiving.  But just listening is not the purpose of my work.  My intention is that you learn ways to leave the past behind, and change.
  • People who tend to give their power away to expensive, flashy success packages.  These platforms can have their use.  I participated in one, and learned a lot.  But, I ended up spending a large sum of inherited money that is gone now.  Also, the program I developed from it was a good one, but the process was intense and exhausting for me, and I sensed that as a sensitive person I might lose my center if I continued to pursue this kind of work.  I learned that I preferred deeper, more intimate partnerships, change explorations that open the way for small radiant miracles to happen in each session.
  • People who are too angry, bitter or sad to be willing to generate movement and uphold life changes.  For Intuitive Mentoring to work for you, you must be able to find the rising sun in you.
  • People who are unwilling to let go of being ill as an identity.  I have a special understanding and empathy for how useful chronic illness and pain can be as a way to establish boundaries.  I don’t fault anyone for this. I know how deeply rooted in a challenging and often traumatic past this strategy can be. But—choosing to identify with illness can stand in the way of opening to health. I can help, but I need for you to be in partnership me and with your intention. If you mean to shine, you must be willing to choose wholeness, over and over and over again, no matter what.
  • People who keep themselves from growing by holding on to perfection.  Being a perfectionist can help you to produce your best effort. Or, perfectionism can be a crippling barrier to making changes that might feel scary.
  • People who are not able to put “taking care of myself” first on their own TO DO list. Many sensitive people are passionate about saving the world, a high ideal indeed. But, it may not have occurred to them that they are are part of the world.  I believe that you can’t be enough of a self-sacrificing people pleaser to make things better for anyone, anywhere, ever.

All these descriptions are stories that people tell themselves.

There are two kinds of stories—those that generate growth and those that shut down life.

I promise my full attention, all my resources, and my deep loving courageous heart for partnering with people who are willing to put their own hearts into changing their story!

Intuitive Mentoring Spiritual Coaching will be powerful and inspiring for you, if:

  • You want to express more of who you really are in an authentic way.
  • You love using creativity and imagination to unveil new possibilities.
  • You are open to new experiences and surprising concepts that may shape your life in unexpected, delightful ways.
  • You are ready to partner with someone who is honest and  straightforward (sometimes blunt, but always with love), and who can keep you focused.
  • You are ready to discover and tell a more powerfully radiant, shining story about yourself.

CONTACT ME to set up a no-charge 20 minute telephone consult to see if we are a good match.



Welcome! Glad you found me, and my work with spiritual sensitives. If you don't yet know about EFT, I think you will find it a useful practice of self-blessing.

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