Stand Up for Yourself Monthly Teleclass
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In this monthly teleclass we will explore the energy patterns that underlie being able to “stand up for yourself.”

Tapping into your wealth-being

Welcome…please read my Disclaimer before entering my website.


Profoundly light-hearted strategies for unsticking stuck stuff

What if we start with the idea that we are good as gold already… and we just don’t realize it yet?

Maybe you feel stuck; you can’t see a way out. Something hurts or you just feel out of balance. Perhaps you hear a critical voice inside. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a meridian based tapping technique designed to  help you to help yourself.

The particular way you link up different bits of information creates meaning for you. A powerful experience or string of events that has a strong impact can freeze particular connections in place. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how this information could be linked up in any other way. These pathways become beliefs about how your life works… your map of the world.

This is not therapy, although it can be very therapeutic! I don’t see people as “broken,” and my job is not to “fix” anyone. As a spiritual life coach I enjoy walking through your landscape with you as a co-creative partner, together exploring ways to unfold the blessings and expand the possibilities that are hidden in the bumps on the path.

Learn how to look at yourself and talk about / to yourself like someone who believes in you. Make these eyes YOUR eyes, and this voice YOUR voice!

When you have an experience of opening to the joy, making new meaning, or mapping new territory, the benefits flow through me as well. I call this work “Intuitive Mentoring.”   Together we are adding positive energy to the world.

NOTE: EFT is a very flexible self-help tool that has broad application for a variety of issues. I am using my version of it here and although I can’t provide a guarantee (please read my Disclaimer), clients have reported extraordinary results.  I encourage you to contact me for more information.  Find many articles and a complimentary manual on how to do tapping at

Newsletter: “I Locked My Spirit
in a Closet”

Recently I had a wonderful email conversation with Patricia, who had taken one of my webinar/teleclasses. She gave me permission to share, and I have edited her emails slightly for readability.

Patricia wrote:
It is so helpful for me to combine your metaphor work with the tapping. What has emerged for me is an awareness of being very small and helpless. That allows my pain and disappointment to form almost an entity, that does the earthly work for me. It seemed so powerful.

I realized I have confused force and power. Force is big and loud, but afraid, while power is subtle and sure. I had locked my Spirit in a closet with piles of boxes in front of it. It never complained, just waited patiently with a little light shining from under the door.

When I allowed my little helpless self to grow up, then I was able to tell the entity that I wanted to let Spirit out. All this time it has told me it was weak and wimpy. I didn’t even know it was there, so I felt really alone and abandoned by the “God” out there. In allowing Spirit to come out, and me to greet her, I could see the difference in her power vs the entity’s force. I could easily see why I felt more protected by going to the force side. There is something mesmerizing about the noise. Almost like I will be bored by power. Hummm….good stuff.

BUT this morning something popped into my head that you said in one of the classes several months ago, that one of the things about wanting approval is that it is unconsciously withheld. It had a zing then, but I didn’t go deeper with it until today.

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in a Closet”



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